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General information

Payment cards

In the Information office the following payment cards are accepted: Activa Maestro, Maestro, Activa, Diners, Mastercard, Visa, Moneta, and Karanta.
Tickets can be purchased online with the following cards/payment systems:


Maestro (payment only possible if the card is registered in the authentication system »MasterCard SecureCode« (read more about paying with Maestro cards); Visa, and Visa Electron
Further information about paying with payment cards, and the security of your payment.

Bank transfer

You can settle the amount for the prior agreed number of tickets with a bank transfer by transferring the money onto the account of Narodni dom Maribor. You will get the reference number in the Information office. 
Send a copy of the transfer confirmation to the e-mail address of the Information office of Narodni dom Maribor: vstopnice(at)
The tickets shall be picked up not later than thirty minutes before the event starts!

Returning purchased tickets

• You cannot return or demand a monetary refund for already purchased tickets.

• After the event, a ticket refund is not possible in any case. 

Cancellations of events

If the event is cancelled by the organiser, you can exchange your tickets or get a monetary refund. You have one week after the cancelled event to notify us about your decision. 


Discounts are published in the sections for subscription series! 

Information for series subscribers

If you cannot attend an event within your series subscription or want to change the date, you need to notify us at least 3 days prior the event, and bring us your subscription card. 
We will try to find another date for you to attend the event, and provide you with new tickets. 
If you miss an event within your series subscription and do not notify us about it, we unfortunately cannot organise an exchange and cannot provide you with tickets for another event.


By presenting your ticket at the reception of Narodni dom Maribor, you will receive a coupon for parking in F City parking garage (in the direct vicinity of Narodni dom Maribor). The price of parking is 2,00 €, every day between 4 pm and midnight.

Wheelchair users

For disabled persons on wheelchairs the events organised by Narodni dom Maribor are free of charge. For the accompanying person a ticket is required.

We kindly ask you to notify us about your visit, so we can make a reservation for you. Wheelchairs can only be placed in the passage in the middle of the hall, and the number of these spots is limited.  
The best way for you to enter is from the courtyard of Narodni dom, where the entrance is suitable for wheelchairs. 

On the ground floor of Narodni dom there is a bathroom suitable for wheelchairs.   

Other general information

• Children must hold their own ticket, it is not allowed for them to sit on their parent’s lap.
• Parents must hold their own tickets when visiting children’s events. 
• We kindly ask parents and children to respect the seating plan.
• We recommend that you memorise the row and number of your seat when you buy your ticket. Only then we will be able to help you if you lose or misplace your ticket. 
• Usually, there are no standing places, except in cases when this is explicitly stated. 
• Taking photos and recording during the events is not allowed. 
• Tickets for socially disadvantaged, people with special needs, charity organisations, and various associations: within its capacities, Narodni dom Maribor offers free admission for various groups of visitors who, for various reasons, cannot afford to pay the regular price for the tickets. If there are still tickets available, unemployed persons can get a free ticket for events within a subscription series one hour prior the event if they present their proof of unemployment. Reservations for these tickets are not possible.  

E-news subscription

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