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»Your Choice« card

The ones who do not only wish to select events from one series, but would like to attend diverse events and concerts of their own choice, can purchase the »Your Choice« series subscription card.  

With this card you can:

  • choose between all events organised by Narodni dom Maribor;
  • determine the total deposit made onto the card yourself;
  • get a discount depending on the deposited amount:
    • 10% discount when depositing from €50 to €99
    • 20% discount when depositing from €100 to €149
    • 25% discount when depositing more than €150.

With "Your Choice" card you can also:

  • pick up the ticket paying a discounted price;  
  • pick up more than one ticket at the same time;
  • purchase the tickets with the card while the current balance on your card will be reduced for the discounted price of the ticket;
  • renew the credit on your card during the year;  
  • transfer the credit on your card to the new season;  
  • the credit on your card cannot be refunded in cash or gift vouchers;
  • you cannot buy series subscriptions with the »Your Choice« card.  

E-news subscription

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