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Judgement Tower

Plan and virtual view

Virtual view of Judgement Tower
Plan od Judgement Tower (.pdf)

About Judgement tower

Judgement tower is located in the centre of Maribor, at Drava riverside next to the Maribor marketplace.

It was built in 1310. It was a defence tower to secure the south-western part of the city against intruders, and was a part of the former town wall. It first got a new image in 1540 when it was transformed into a fortress shape and covered by a conical roof, which was burnt down in the 17. century. Many construction works had been carried out on the defence tower, which is reflected in its image. Up to the second floor the tower was built in renaissance style, which was then complemented by two more floors. The latest changes were made after WW2 when it also received the looks it has today. In 1937 it partially burned down and was renewed in the 1950s.  

Judgement tower got its name from the time when sentences were pronounced in it. It is also linked to the trials of witch’s processes, as it was here that sentences were pronounced on women who were perceived as being witches. But there were no death sentences carried out here.

Nowadays, during Festival Lent the tower is used as a venue with a nice bar, where popular concerts of various genres are taking place (ethno, chamber ensembles, chansons ...).

Program: concerts, receptions, banquets, multimedia performances, exhibitions, seminars, exhibitions...

Technical details: surface: 132,6 m2, number of seats: 150, stage: 5x4 m, light park


Pristan 8, Maribor, Slovenia

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Ksenija Repina

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Tina Gorenjak, Primož Vrhovec, Jaša Jamnik
7. 12., 20.00, Narodni dom
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