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Slokar Quartet

Chamber Series 2023/2024

Union Hall, Maribor
Tue 9 APR 19:30
For non-subscribers

Ticket price: 5,00 - 14,00 EUR

Programme booklet 2023/2024

Around the world with the trombone

Branimir Slokar is one of the guests of our concert cycles who never fails to delight the audience. Although the Maribor-born virtuoso, who has enjoyed an enviable international career, has lived in Switzerland for three decades, the people of Maribor do, of course, still regard him as their own. With his concerts and numerous appearances for radio and television, the founder of the celebrated trombone quartet that bears his name has contributed to a different view of the trombone, which had been largely neglected as a solo instrument until recently. Branimir Slokar’s international reputation is confirmed by the fact that the renowned instrument maker Kühnt & Hoyer, which specialises in the production of brass instruments, has named several models of trombones after him. One such model is played by the artist himself. In 2023, the Slokar Quartet celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its formation. During this time, its members, under the charismatic leadership of Branimir Slokar, have performed a wide and varied repertoire of music from the early Baroque to contemporary music, always with exceptional technical brilliance and musicality.

On this occasion, we extend a warm Maribor welcome to the quartet and look forward to an evening at which we will listen to the trombonists’ musical journey around the world. We will hear music from all corners of the world touched by the long journey of the Slokar Quartet. Thus we will become familiar with both new works and many arrangements of popular music of various origins, which composers (in new works and arrangements) have created specifically for this superb ensemble.

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Branimir Slokar, trombone
Wassil Christov, trombone
Krasimir Stefanov, trombone
Benjamin Green, trombone

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