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Eternal Triangle

Jazz in Narodni dom

Narodni dom - small stage
Sat 18 MAY 20:30
For non-subscribers

Ticket price: 8,00 - 10,00 EUR

Trevor Watts stands as one of the pioneers of European jazz. This perennially youthful 85-year-old with his distinctive wild hairstyle played a crucial role in shaping the sound of British jazz as early as the 1960s (with the Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Amalgam), while collaborating with African musicians for at least 20 years before the term "world music" even emerged. His work with Ghanaian percussionists in the bands Moire Music Group and Moire Drum Orchestra can truly be considered pioneering works at the intersection of jazz and African music. Equally legendary are his collaborations and recordings with giants such as Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Rashied Ali, Steve Swallow, Cyro Baptista, and many others.

The "Eternal Triangle" is actually comprised of two duos: the long-standing one with pianist Veryan Weston and a somewhat younger (since 2000) with percussionist Jamie Harris, whom the musicians introduced at the concert in Maribor in 2005, which was also recorded and released on CD.

The complex and characteristic melodies in this trio, typical of Watts, often bear a South African influence; occasionally, the trio ventures into Latin American and even Cuban music, but never in a shallow or predictable manner. Pianist Weston adds both classical piano sounds and synthesizer textures, which – combined with Harris's fiery drumming – weave into constantly evolving compositions that justify the band's name. The strength of the trio lies in the enduring support of each of the three sides of the triangle. Or, if you wish, in the fusion of African music with European jazz and the unique compositions by Trevor Watts who has been present on stages worldwide for an incredible seven decades!

Entrance fee: 10 EUR (regular price), 8 EUR (students)

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Trevor Watts: saxophones

Veryan Weston: keyboards

Jamie Harris: congas, percussion

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