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Orchestra Series

The Orchestra Series of Narodni dom Maribor offers concerts by visiting world-class foreign and local symphony and chamber orchestra. The series is our way to present the best musical performances of the highest international standards, all while maintaining accessibility of this type of production for the broadest of audiences.

Carefully selected ensembles and programmes showcase a variety of traditions and approaches to orchestra performance. In choosing the set of visiting orchestras, we always strive for the selection to reflect the diversity of contemporary musical performance and fresh aesthetic approaches and programme trends. As part of this internationally-oriented series, we also pay attention to present the best local orchestras and chamber ensembles, as well as local soloists and conductors. 

Renowned orchestras are often accompanied by leading global soloists and conductors, who are quite often deservedly regarded as stars. This way, the programme can more than hold its own against productions staged by major music centres (comparable, for example, to the neighbouring cities of Ljubljana, Graz or Zagreb), while artists who sell out the largest and most prestigious concert halls in the world have been guests of ours on quite a few occasions. All of this is made possible by our organizational skillset that is based on several decades of experience and excellent connections in the international music business networks.

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